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1. What about custom taxes and duties? Will I be invoiced any when ordering from you?

In most cases (But for the most part), you will not be invoiced any custom taxes or duties upon shipment delivery.
Indeed, we have all orders packed in small carton boxes, with the mention "gift, no value for customs".
Though, in marginal cases (we recorded 5 cases last year), a shipment can be applied custom taxes and duties.
Although we are not liable for those taxes and duties, we always offer our clients a partial compensation solution. Each situation is dealt with case by case by our customer service office.

2. Are these watches of high quality or will they break after I open the box?

It depends on how you wear it. If you wear it regularly, it will last a few years without any problems. The watches we offer are of a very high quality. These are not the cheap quality watches you will find on the streets that will break after a few days, these will last for years!

3. Are your pictures from the actual replica or the genuine watches on the Web site?

You may be amazed by some of the pictures we have up on our website.
Because of their quality, you might think they are from catalogs of the genuine watch.
But that is NOT true!
We guarantee 100% that all pictures taken from our site are actual pictures of our replicas watches! The watches look exactly as represented in the pictures, and we never, ever use anyone else's pictures, or pictures of the genuine watch.

4. Can I get samples?

Due to the fact that all products are SURPLUS merchandises, by the time we would send samples the product(s) in most cases will be SOLD OUT anyway.
However if you want to view the quality of the products and try our service there are many products posted with NO Minimum Order Quantities, only for you to try our products before you become a regular, repeated , satisfied customer of ours.

5. Do you offer wholesale price?

We offer up to 15% discount for all wholesale orders.
To be eligible for wholesale prices your order must exceed 5 items.
You can mix the models for the order.
For wholesale price you can check at Wholesale section. If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact us.

6. I've ordered and received my replica watch, it's great, but I've changed my mind, can I change it?

A Please try to decide carefully before you make your order, but if you do change your mind, send us the watch up to 4 days after you received it, and choose another watch. A $40 re-stocking fee will be applied and we will send you your new watch.

7. Sometimes your support response is delayed, why?

Our company is handling a very large volume of emails on our products.
We will try to reply all our emails within 24 hours during the weekdays.
Please help yourself in finding the answers u want from our FAQ section. We have placed all the frequently asked questions here to fasten the process. If you can not find the answers you are going to ask.

8. What happens if the package is damaged or missing when I receive it?

If your watch is damaged or missing contact us and notify us of the situation, we will ship another watch out to you once we receive back the damaged one.

9. What is meant by the terms: Automatic, Quartz and a Sweeping Second hand?

Automatic refers to a watch movement that consists of a self-winding mechanism, which allows the watch to run on its own without batteries. The advantage to this is that batteries are not required for the watch to run. The disadvantage to it is that the watch should be serviced every few years to make sure it runs smoothly.
Quartz refers to a watch movement that runs from a battery. The advantage to this is that the watch normally lasts longer than an automatic watch. The disadvantage to it is that the battery has to be changed every so often.
A sweeping second hand refers to a second hand that sweeps smoothly instead of ticking once every second. Basically, its movement consists of a bunch of very tiny, rapid ticks that combine to make it look like the hand is sweeping smoothly. All automatic watches have a sweeping second hand, and all quartz watches have a ticking second hand.

10. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard online.

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